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What Trending Phishing Attacks to Look Out For


Organizations worldwide are challenged with the threat of targeted phishing attacks. Spear phishing and business compromise email (BEC) attacks, which we highlighted in another blog post, are two prominent forms of personalized attacks faced by many companies. In a global survey conducted by Proofpoint, which consists of data from 600 professionals in the information security industry, it was reported that social engineering attacks were becoming more common with phishing attempts being done via text messaging, social media, and USB drives.

A phishing attack that seems to be trending is fake browser updates. Fake browser updates on computers can trick users into thinking they have important software updates, but instead they deceive them into downloading harmful malware. Proofpoint reports that industries that have been frequenting this issue include financial investing, education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Activists may be the target for another type of phishing attempt, which is on the rise. Scammers are setting up fake donation funds related to causes like disaster relief to attract supporters and environmentalists. Because contributors believe they are supporting a good cause, they may not question the legitimacy of them in good faith.

If an email, text message, donation request, or pop-up on your computer seem even the slightest bit questionable, ask a professional. Phishing attacks are advancing with new methods, so it is important to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

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