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G Suite

TECHBLEED offers clients one of the most popular file sharing services called Google Suite. Google Cloud developed this service to make online collaboration and cloud computing possible. G Suite provides users with cloud-based Microsoft Office tools, with real-time editing and collaboration. Google Suite can be thought of as the “jack of all trades” AND a master of all! It features Google applications we already use daily at work and at home. G Suite houses a variety of apps that make emailing, setting up meetings, and storing files possible. Gmail and Hangouts can be used for easy communication. Google Docs (Word), Sheets (Excel), and Slides (PowerPoint) can be used to create, edit, and share files, especially those that are too large to email. G Suite promotes an efficient work flow and helps increase work performance.

G Suite offers numerous cloud computing and productivity tools that can enhance business performance. It has the capability to offer unlimited cloud storage, based on the plan purchased and the number of users. 24/7 email and phone support is available in case there is an issue that comes up any time of the day! G Suite also adds enterprise features for organizations that want to customize email addresses for employees, such as All data and information that is entered in the Google service is quickly saved and backed up in other data centers within Google. Best of all, G Suite is advertisement free! Users will not be distracted by ads while using the services, and their actions will not be reported to serve them relevant advertisements. As an added benefit, privacy settings can be caliberated to enhance security.


Readily available and deplorable Virtual Images of your Hardware

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Incremental Backups with Fast On-Site Storage

Cloud Replication

Your backups in our secure private cloud, with tested restore points

Failover Internet

4G LTE Wireless Internet so you can resume operations

Ransomware Protection

Real-time Ransomware protection with mitigation policies to prevent data loss

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Protect your hardware in the event of a power outage



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