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Application Development

TECHBLEED provides organizations in a range of industries with high quality Application Development services. Applications, more commonly known as apps, are a set of programs that help users perform many business tasks. TECHBLEED can help organizations develop new applications that they can integrate in their operations to support services. Applications can be developed for smaller, specialized projects to serve one single purpose, or they can be large-scale solutions that span across the entire organization. Each business field has its own unique needs, so business apps will vary. Applications can play a vital role in businesses, especially if they are universal, fully equipped with necessary operational tools, and have an advanced but easy user interface that will make the management of business functions effortless. TECHBLEED’s Application Development services can help optimize work processes across an organization with the goal of making daily tasks simpler, more organized, and easily manageable.

TECHBLEED carefully develops computer applications for business needs using the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SDLC is a seven step process in software engineering that includes planning, creating, testing, and deploying systems. First, during the Planning stage, needs are identified, and potential solutions are considered. Second, during Analysis, the functional requirements of the app are determined while taking into consideration potential issues or threats. In the Design phase, app functionality and features are determined. Once this is complete, the Construction stage begins with the programming of the app based on the final decisions made in the previous steps. After the app is created, it moves to the Testing stage, so any bugs and potential errors are caught and corrected. Once revisions have been made, the Implementation process begins, and the app is available for actual use. The final stage of the SDLC is Support. This stage is very important because it is when user experience is closely monitored to make sure there are no issues, and if any arise, the app will go through the life cycle again to make sure it is perfected.

Custom Network Design

Solutions designed to streamline business needs


Readily available and deployable Virtual Images of your Hardware

Wireless Internet Access

4G LTE Wireless Internet so you manage operations

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Protect your hardware in the event of a power outage

Cloud Replication

Your backups in our secure private cloud, with tested restore points

Ransomware Protection

Real-time Ransomware protection with mitigation policies to prevent data loss.



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