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Database Development

TECHBLEED offers advanced Database Development services through a diligently planned out process that is specialized for every client. After carefully analyzing a client’s business, we determine database requirements, develop the system functions and data, and then implement them into the system. TECHBLEED’s highly secure solutions allow us to integrate multiple data sources. Moreover, our database solutions are very user friendly. The backend of business websites are designed to be easily navigable for users, and multiple solutions are provided for e-commerce. If for any reason clients have database issues, we are available for troubleshooting and monitoring of services to resolve performance issues. TECHBLEED’s customizable data development services are designed to fit the specific needs of clients.

TECHBLEED creates mobile, desktop, and web-based applications that are distinguished database solutions with focus on accessibility. Users can access data at any time and from any device with the comfort and assurance of knowing that their data is being transferred across very secure channels. TECHBLEED also offers customizable cloud-based database as a service (DaaS) solutions to spare you from uploading and managing large data in an office space. Cloud-based solutions make database management more easily accessible from practically everywhere virtually. We design automated services and web applications to help clients simplify the process of querying, analyzing, or making changes to cloud data. We are present every step of the way to make sure the database meets all company requirements.

TECHBLEED recognizes the importance and need for organizations to invest in modern database solutions that will help support operational tasks across the business. The database can be used as a CRM platform to manage customer relations or as a database to manage financial transactions. It can also collect leads from contact forms and marketing promotions. TECHBLEED will devise a plan to have the data that is flowing from all company inputs be collected in a database that can sort, organize, and analyze the data for various business needs across different departments in the organization.

TECHBLEED helps companies develop and manage structured solutions that are able to help them manage data. With these systems, organizations can sort and analyze data through Business Intelligence (BI) and create shareable reports. In addition, forecasting of market and user trends can be conducted using the database to discover any potential business opportunities. TECHBLEED’s database development solutions can help consolidate data in a centralized structure by merging information from numerous applications, files, and Database Management Systems (DBMS) into one main storage.


Readily available and deplorable Virtual Images of your Hardware

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Incremental Backups with Fast On-Site Storage

Cloud Replication

Your backups in our secure private cloud, with tested restore points

Failover Internet

4G LTE Wireless Internet so you can resume operations

Ransomware Protection

Real-time Ransomware protection with mitigation policies to prevent data loss

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Protect your hardware in the event of a power outage



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