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Mitigate Risk with Security for Every Device and Training for Every Employee

Ensure your company’s devices are protected from cyberattacks with our all-in-one solution, backed by the team you already trust to keep your hosted data secure.

Anti Virus and Anti Malware

Antivirus and Endpoint Detection Response (EDR)

Our layered, enterprise-grade technology prevents threats at every turn. A combination of artificial and human-powered detection methods keeps your devices and files safe from known and emerging threats, including ransomware and malware.

Cloud Backup folder

Backup Files and Folders

We’ll take care of your backups in the event of an incident or disaster. We’ll restore files on your device, or you can easily restore backups yourself with just a few clicks using our self-service portal.


Endpoint Security

ndpoint security is like a digital guard for individual devices, such as computers or phones. It protects them from sneaky threats like viruses or hackers trying to break in. Imagine it as a lock on your front door, keeping your home safe. Endpoint security stops bad stuff from getting in and keeps your personal information secure. It’s essential for a safe online experience, just like a lock is crucial for your home’s safety.

Secure Your Devices and Train Your Employees

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User accessing their laptop in a datacenter or office environment
Surveillance Camera

Ongoing Monitoring and Response

Our services let you realize the value of a fully managed solution with a security team that monitors your devices and responds quickly to potential threats to mitigate your risk in the event of a security incident.

Secured Data

Drive Encryption

Our encryption technology is configured by our security experts to protect your data, with your key stored by us for safety and access offsite.

Surveillance Camera

Network Security

Network security is like a shield for your internet connection. It defends against cyberattacks, keeping your information safe as it travels between devices. Picture it as a force field around your Wi-Fi, stopping bad actors from peeking at your data or sneaking into your network. This protection ensures a secure online experience, much like a fence around your house safeguards it from intruders..


Meaningful Security Awareness Training

We deliver training to your team monthly, with progress updates and reporting fully managed by TECHBLEED. Plus, get tailored phishing simulations that represent real-life scenarios likely to occur at your business.


Seamless Onboarding, Always-There Support

We offer fast, automated onboarding that enables you to secure your firm or business while you keep working. After that, you can call our market-leading U.S.-based support team at any time.


Incident Response

Incident response in tech is like having a fire drill for computer problems. It’s a plan that kicks in when something goes wrong, like a cyberattack or a system crash. Just like firefighters have steps to follow when there’s a fire, tech experts have a set of actions to take. This helps them quickly identify, contain, and fix the issue, minimizing damage and getting things back to normal as soon as possible.

Why TECHBLEED Managed Services?

Simplified, Layered Security for Wherever You Work

Managed services offer scalability, allowing your business to adjust resources as needed, especially during periods of growth or high demand. Additionally, we provide round-the-clock support and monitoring, minimizing downtime and ensuring critical systems are always operational.

Security is a paramount concern, and TECHBLEED’s Managed Services excel in implementing robust cybersecurity measures. This shields businesses from evolving threats, safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Outsourcing non-core functions to TECHBLEED allows internal teams to focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing overall productivity. Furthermore, TECHBLEED has an established disaster recovery plan, ensuring data integrity and rapid business continuity in the event of a catastrophe.

In summary, embracing our managed services offers businesses a competitive edge by optimizing operations, reducing risks, and accessing top-tier expertise. This strategic shift allows for greater agility, cost-efficiency, and ultimately, a more resilient and successful business.


Why Security Awareness Training as Part of Your Managed CyberSecurity Approach?

Manage Human Error Risk, Maintain Compliance and Lower Chances of Cyberattacks without Taking Time from Customers

Your Employees are Your No. 1 Cybersecurity Risk

One-time security training is no longer enough to keep your data safe. The TECHBLEED approach to managed security includes training that is rolled out on an ongoing basis to your employees, all year long. Regular security awareness training is required as part of a growing body of regulatory guidelines and mandates.

Your Business Needs to Stay Compliant

Compliance regulations are complex to navigate, and failure to comply with them puts your IT infrastructure at risk and exposes you to legal liability. TECHBLEED Managed CyberSecurity Services are built to comply with regulatory requirements and helps ensure your employees are always up to date on cybersecurity best practices.

You’re Busy Running Your Business

We know lack of time is a factor in the choices you make about security. That’s why we manage training for you, with our experts regularly developing new content, such as phishing emails tailored for your firm or small business. As always, you’re never alone with TECHBLEED: get access to our 24/7, market-leading support team whenever you need it.

Train Employees

1. Train Employees

Provide a gamified approach to learning real-world cyberattack tactics. Course subjects include identifying phishing scams, social engineering strategies and more.


2. Test Employees

Test employees’ training retention with quizzes and simulated phishing emails, along with tips to encourage cyber safety when fake phishing messages are clicked.


Get the Results

Get a snapshot of how many courses employees have completed and how many simulated phishing attacks they’ve blocked.


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