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Business Phone Systems

TECHBLEED’s Business Phone Systems are designed to integrate with your business and your CRM to give you an enterprise phone systems experience. TECHBLEED will set you up with a virtual business phone system with an easy-to-use interface, so you and your colleagues can communicate via call, text message, or hosted business meetings all on your computer. In addition to these simple channels of communication, unified communications systems will be supported allowing you to stay in contact with coworkers, clients, and vendors using a variety of modern methods.

TECHBLEED understands the importance of maintaining constant and clear communication while working, through unified communication systems like audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, and online faxing. Video and web conferences support screen sharing capabilities, allowing users to view the same documents or give presentations. A large number of participants can be present during the conference, depending on the provider, encouraging collaboration among peers. Having access to numerous tools all on one platform will enhance communication among employees and aid in their productivity.

Phone Calls

Make and receive traditional voice calls online

Conference Calling

Host conference calls with multiple contacts simultaneously

Video/Web Conferencing

Host video meetings using the camera and microphone on your device

Instant Messaging

Send instant messages to colleagues to discuss projects and share information

Text Messaging

Send text messages to customers from a business line without using your personal number


Send faxes online (and without the use of a machine) to a recipient’s email or fax machine



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