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Access Control

TECHBLEED’s hardened Access Control Systems prevent unauthorized access to key areas of your facility and your information security infrastructure. The physical security of your organization is important to protect. Starting from access to the building and office you and your employees work in daily, to any locked cabinets or data centers that house valuable personally identifiable information (PII), access should be limited to only those individuals who belong to the organization and need to have access.

Similar to physical security access controls, TECHBLEED implements hardened logical access controls to limit the permissions users have to computer networks, programs, accounts, and data. Permissions can be placed in file hosting and storage tools like Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, as well as in proprietary tools, such as data analysis and visualization software like Tableau and Domo, that only a select number of people should be granted access. Modern technology allows for all data that is entered or removed from similar systems to be traced, so all activities will be recorded.

Physical safety of your facility can be as simple as implementing the use of locks, key cards, and badges to enter, and as advanced as using Video Surveillance technology. Business owners should take full responsibility of keeping employees and customers safe. With higher quality cameras and scalable solutions, organizations can record indoor and outdoor activities to monitor their surroundings. Unauthorized visitors will be refrained from entering a facility, and you can remain in compliance with Government and Defense contracts with verifiable Audit Logs of personnel and guests.

An additional level of information technology security TECHBLEED offers is authentication software. Multi-factor authentication tools grant users access by requiring them to use two or more types of credentials to identify themselves before logging into computer networks. Credentials include passcodes or pushes to mobile devices and confirmation emails or phone calls. More advanced software options include biometrics like facial recognition and thumb print. Using multiple forms of authentication will provide higher levels of security for your organization.

Video Surveillance

Advanced technology to monitor key areas of your facility

Cyber Security

Security measures that protect your network from intruders and scammers

Ransomware Protection

Real-time Ransomware protection with mitigation policies to prevent data loss.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Incremental Backups with Fast On-Site Storage

Security Awareness Training

Procedures to educate employees about computer security

Cloud Replication

Your backups in our secure private cloud, with tested restore points



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