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Intrusion Protection

TECHBLEED’S Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) will find threats and work to prevent them by monitoring computer networks closely. Careful analysis of the environment will be conducted to search for and identify malicious attempts. Any information that enters or leaves the network will be analyzed automatically to detect any red flags. The IPS that TECHBLEED implements will work quickly and efficiently because we understand that an intrusion can not only happen at any time, but when it does, it will have a detrimental impact instantaneously if not handled properly.

The detection of vulnerabilities in a network is important and can be determined by traffic flows. Any irregularity should be handled urgently. Exploits are intended to interrupt and corrupt networks, applications, and software, and also used to control hardware. Once an exploit has taken advantage of a vulnerability and successfully entered a system, the attacker will gain the power to control permissions, leaving the network exposed and at risk of takeover.

Intrusion systems work by scanning all traffic that comes into the network. There are a variety of threats that an IPS is designed to prevent, which include:

  • Distributed Denial of Service attack
  • Denial of Service attack
  • Various types of exploits
  • Viruses
  • Worms

The Intrusion Prevention System thoroughly inspects every packet that travels across the network, and should any packets trigger safety alarms, there is a protocol that is followed. Once the malicious packet is detected, the IPS terminates the session that was exploited and blocks the source IP address from being able to access any other networks or applications. The IPS can reprogram the firewall, or reconfigure it, to make sure another similar attack does not happen again. Additionally, the IPS can get rid of any content that was damaged by removing infected files from the system.


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