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Physical Security

TECHBLEED’s hardened Access Control Systems prevent unauthorized access to key areas of your facility. The physical security of your organization is important to protect. Starting from access to the building and office you and your employees work in daily, to locked cabinets or data centers that house valuable personally identifiable information (PII), access should be limited to only those individuals who belong to the organization and need access. Physical safety of your facility can be as simple as implementing the use of locks, key cards, and badges to enter, and as advanced as using video surveillance technology.

Access Control

Prevent unauthorized access to resources and key areas of your facility

Key Cards

Prevent unauthorized access to your facility

Access Badges

Provide authorized access to employees with personalized badges

Video Surveillance

Advanced technology to monitor key areas of your facility

Motion Detection

Get notified of physical security events in and around your facility

Audit Logs

Remain in compliance with Government and Defense contracts



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