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IT Procurement

TECHBLEED understands how time consuming and stressful it can be to procure the right IT products and services. Our IT Procurement services allow organizations to skip this task and confidently trust that we will provide them with appropriate hardware and software after assessing their specific needs. Services we offer include streamlining IT to integrate with standard operations and help reduce costs. We are responsible for tasks such as, purchasing and installing hardware and software, installing network security solutions to prevent malware and viruses, managing Microsoft Office products and licensing, and monitoring software to make sure it is up-to-date and running smoothly.

The advancement of technology has nudged businesses to stay current with IT products and services. However, without help from an IT professional, companies will be unaware of what hardware devices to invest in and which software is the best solution for them. TECHBLEED’s IT Procurement services help identify business needs, and by doing so increase cost savings by having companies invest in necessary technology. We analyze IT expenses and provide clients with insight into what they should be paying for and what expectations to have. By better understanding their IT assets, organizations will have better control over spending when it comes to IT investments.

Streamline IT Operations and Reduce Expenses

Purchase and Install Appropriate Hardware

Integrate IT Solutions with Internal Operations

Protect Against Malware with Network Security Solutions

Manage Microsoft Office Products and Licensing

Monitor and Maintain Up-To-Date Software



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