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Customer Relationship Management

TECHBLEED’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provides companies with an organized and effective approach to manage relationships with customers. The CRM system keeps track and stores information about all business interactions with contacts, leads, customers, agents, and partners. It compiles customer information from an organization’s numerous communication channels such as website, email, telephone, and social media. Interactions include calls, emails, messages, meetings, etc. All forms of communication are logged, making it easier to remember correspondence dates and any need for follow-ups. Contacts can easily be imported and exported. The CRM not only stores this information, but it organizes and sorts it as data, providing businesses with the ability to create customer reports and perform analyses and target market segmentation. By running analyses using customer history, CRM can aid organizations in improving customer relations, with the goals of increasing customer retention and improving sales growth.

By integrating a winning Customer Relationship Management strategy, TECHBLEED helps organizations understand their target audience. CRM helps filter leads from customers, so businesses can learn how to cater to the needs of customers. Marketing plays a key role in CRM by allowing companies to reach out to potential leads to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Using a multitude of marketing tools to optimize the reach of campaigns that are intended to build awareness and leads will be beneficial to organizations in building new relationships. Once a relationship is formed, the next important component of CRM is monitoring relationships as they move through different stages, and understanding the value they each bring to the company. Examining how relationships travel through distinct phases will help explain the interaction of multiple relationships and how they can actually be connected transactions. Lastly through CRM, businesses can focus on the profitability of customer relations by delving into customer spending habits.

A vital component of CRM systems is Relational Intelligence, which focuses on awareness of the many types of relationships a customer can have with a company. It is simple for businesses to collect demographic data like age, gender, location, and income and connect them with purchase decisions to categorize customers. This process is very black and white, and it materializes people into resources for sales opportunities, rather than viewing them as intelligent humans looking for real, personalized interactions. Taking it a step further with Relational Intelligence can help companies bolster meaningful brand connections with customers.

TECHBLEED’s CRM solutions have a customer-centric approach to managing business interactions across various fields such as sales, lead generation, and marketing. The CRM can act as a data warehouse by collecting transactional information then combine this knowledge with Relational Intelligence to provide key performance indicators (KPIs), or it can act as a forecasting tool that conducts sales projections and handles unpredictable growth. Other capabilities of CRM include tracking marketing campaigns across multiple channels to collect data from customer clicks and conversions to analyze consumer behavior and buying patterns.

Cloud based versions of CRM software, known as software as a service (SaaS), are now available to companies through third party providers. They are centrally hosted and accessible using the internet, so organizations do not need to worry about installation on multiple computer devices. SaaS is usually acquired as a subscription with a one time boarding fee, and SaaS platforms typically come with an annual commitment. Google Apps and Salesforce are two widely used SaaS providers.

There are a variety of CRM systems based on needs. TECHBLEED will help you find one most suitable for your organization. Small businesses may lean toward contact manager systems that integrate their communications, storage, and calendar to streamline operations. Financial and legal corporations will be more focused on event management and relationship management while companies reliant on sales and eCommerce will use CRM that will help them ensure financial return on investments.


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