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Business Continuity

Creating Business Continuity solutions is one of the proactive ways TECHBLEED secures your IT infrastructure with a solid, uninterruptible foundation. By anticipating potential minor disruptions, such as power failures and data loss, and major disasters like fires and cyber attacks, we plan solutions in advance to make sure that businesses can continue their most critical operations in the event of a disruption or emergency. It is important for vital business functions to resume and for employees to remain productive, so TECHBLEED professionals will assess your security, identify the issue, and resolve it all while you and your team continue routine tasks. We can have you back up and running within minutes instead of days!

Planning in advance will enable your organization to continue running in case of an attempted cyber attack, and there will be no cause for concern over data loss with our hardened Business Continuity services. Backup and Disaster Recovery with Cloud Replication will ensure your information is secured in our private cloud. We utilize Virtualization technology to create readily accessible copies of your data and infrastructure ready to function in the event of a disaster scenario or Ransomware attack. Cloud-based services will allow you to smoothly pick up where you left off when the disruption occurred. Our reliable solutions will be the driving force helping your company thrive and maintain steady performance during a vulnerable time like this.


Readily available and deplorable Virtual Images of your Hardware

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Incremental Backups with Fast On-Site Storage

Cloud Replication

Your backups in our secure private cloud, with tested restore points

Failover Internet

4G LTE Wireless Internet so you can resume operations

Ransomware Protection

Real-time Ransomware protection with mitigation policies to prevent data loss.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Protect your hardware in the event of a power outage



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