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Do you Understand the Value and Vulnerabilities of Your Data?


Every year the number of data breaches that businesses in America experience is rising. You hear about them often, but never stop to think that this can actually happen to you. What would you do if this happened to your business? Would you be prepared in the case of an attack? What could hackers possibly want from your company?

Data from a business has more value than you would imagine. Customer records that contain names, credit card information, and email addresses could be of value to scammers. Additionally, employee files that contain social security and bank account numbers can be the most detrimental data criminals can get access to. The cost of data loss and downtime to recover from setbacks can be expensive, especially for smaller companies.

Small to medium businesses can be thought of as easier targets. Chances are they have lighter security protocols in place compared to larger organizations who can afford an entire department of IT professionals working in-house. According to Verizon, in 2018, small businesses were the victims of 58% of data breaches that happened that year.

Cyberattacks have become so advanced that antivirus software alone cannot protect a business. As important as pop-up blockers and email spam filters are for cleaning unwanted content, they still do not suffice. There is one very overlooked problem that businesses need to be aware of- human error causing data loss. Employees can accidentally delete or misplace files, overwrite information, and unintentionally download corrupt files. Even data stored in the cloud is susceptible of disappearing because of simple human error or software issues. Third-party backup solutions are recommended to store your files safely, detect cyberattacks and breaches, and tackle attacks without any downtime and loss of data.

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