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Wi-Fi Survey

Design and Improve Wi-Fi Network

To Enhance Operations

TECHBLEED understands the importance of having a secure and reliable, high-performing network that can support the needs of any organization. Our team conducts Wi-Fi Surveys with the use of Ekahau technology to gather vital information that will help us engineer a network uniquely tailored for each one of our clients. Wi-Fi Surveys helps us reveal any points of interference we need to address, tell us how to improve an existing network, and guide us into designing a new network. Survey results help us take into consideration many factors, such as physical measures, range, scalability, and security, that all play a role in finding the best solution for businesses.

TECHBLEED uses Ekahau, an all-in-one tool that designs, validates, and optimizes Wi-Fi networks. Ekahau designs a high-capacity Wi-Fi network by placing the right number of access points in accurate locations. With advanced mobile-optimized suite of professional tools, it encourages collaboration and promotes faster site surveys, producing more reliable data. Its heatmapping and spectrum analysis are highly cutting-edge. Additionally, Ekahau diagnoses interference and troubleshoots common Wi-Fi problems, so TECHBLEED can resolve all issues efficiently. Ekahau’s suite of tools include: Connect, Sidekick, Pro, Survey, Analyzer, Capture, and Cloud.

Passive Survey

Performed with the intention of improving existing networks by listening to signals and access points to determine interference

Active Survey

Performed during an on-site visit by gathering vital information like network traffic and usually done prior to designing a new network

Predictive Survey

Performed to predict network coverage using simulation software and a drawing of a floor-plan when access to a physical site is unavailable

Post-Install Survey

Performed to receive feedback regarding a newly installed network to assess potential issues or improvements needed



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