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Riser Management

Ensure Optimum Performance of Your Riser

Securing the connectivity infrastructure, or riser, in your organization is crucial, which is why TECHBLEED not only specializes in it, but also provides riser management services.

This service allows TECHBLEED to:

Provide Reliable Connectivity

Allowing for the unauthorized and uncontrolled use of your riser increases the chances of issues and problems that could disable your riser entirely. To prevent this, riser management helps limit access to your riser and only allows access to TECHBLEED’s trained specialists whenever necessary.

Maintain Efficiency of Risers

Regularly servicing risers ensures they remain operating at an optimum level. Doing so requires our specialists to find and address any issues, preventing the interruption of service before it occurs.

Secure and Protect Riser Space

The only way to preserve and secure space in your riser is to make sure all cabling and tech are tracked and accounted for, minimizing any extra equipment as a result. In order to limit access to the riser closets and NETPOP/MPOE, building management is a necessary service to have throughout the duration of your riser management agreement.

Benefits to Both Property Managers and Tenants


Riser management is critical and extremely beneficial to property managers and their respective staff members. 


Riser management refers to the active oversight and management of a building’s riser system, which entails the setting up and maintenance of all telecommunications systems, cabling/wiring, and routing equipment that physically runs from the riser closets to all corners of the building.

Data Centralization

Centralizing the data and communications infrastructure to a single, responsible location that serves as the main hub and allows for efficient maintenance

Marketing Opportunities

Providing important information to managers, who can then market the building and its properties to potential tenants/clients

Safety Compliance

Ensuring the building is up to code and compliant with all local and national safety requirements through the implementation of controls and safety measures

Technological Advancement

Preparing the building for the adaptation of future technologies by providing the space and foundation for growth and technology transitions and upgrades

Reduced Maintenance Time

Decreasing the amount of time and energy it takes specialists and technicians to address any potential issues

Secure Connection

Providing comfort to tenants who understand their connectivity needs are taken seriously by management and allowing for safe and secure connectivity for all personal and professional needs

Our Riser Management Process

From NETPOP/MPOE to DEMARC, TECHBLEED’s responsibility for your riser management service is comprehensive and complete. The process begins with physically setting up and maintaining the MDF and complete riser infrastructure within your building.

Before any contract is signed, TECHBLEED performs a thorough riser audit and stores the audit results for future access, if necessary. Access to these results allows for the proper management and maintenance of your riser, in addition to providing necessary reports on your riser.



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