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Mitigate Risk with Security for Every Device and Training for Every Employee

Ensure your company’s devices are protected from cyberattacks with our all-in-one solution, backed by the team you already trust to keep your hosted data secure.


Number of ransomware attacks per hour in 2021.

Source: Herjavec Group via Accounting Today, 2021


Records exposed in publicly disclosed breaches.

Source: Security Magazine, 2022


Percentage of small businesses in the U.S. that have a cybersecurity plan in place.

Source: UpCity, 2022


Number of ransomware attacks per hour in 2021.

Source: Herjavec Group via Accounting Today, 2021


Percentage ransomware attacks have increased since 2016.

Source: Herjavec Group via Accounting Today, 2021


Percentage of breaches located in the US.

Source: Risk Based Security, 2021

Secure Your Devices and Train Your Employees

Empower your organization with comprehensive cybersecurity measures by securing all your devices against potential threats. But remember, technology alone isn't enough. Equip your employees with the knowledge and training they need to be the first line of defense against cyberattacks. Download our Fact Sheet on Cyber Security to get a detailed insight into best practices, strategies, and actionable steps to fortify your business.

Why TECHBLEED Managed Services?

Simplified, Layered Security for Wherever You Work

TECHBLEED Managed Services deliver scalable security solutions tailored for modern work environments. With 24/7 support, they ensure operational reliability, robust cybersecurity, and compliance. By outsourcing to TECHBLEED, businesses can focus on core strategies, benefit from a solid disaster recovery plan, and gain a competitive edge through optimized operations and expert insights.

Why Security Awareness Training as Part of Your Managed CyberSecurity Approach?

Manage Human Error Risk, Maintain Compliance and Lower Chances of
Cyberattacks without Taking Time from Customers

Train Employees

        1. Train Employees             Provide a gamified approach to learning real-world cyberattack tactics. Course subjects include identifying phishing scams, social engineering strategies and more.

            2. Test Employees          Test employees’ training retention with quizzes and simulated phishing emails, along with tips to encourage cyber safety when fake phishing messages are clicked.

             Get the Results                   Get a snapshot of how many courses employees have completed and how many simulated phishing attacks they’ve blocked.



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